It never rains but pours for social media fraudster Wellence Mujuru who duped thousands of unsuspecting followers on Facebook through his Rwisa Cancer, a non-existent cancer organization.

This came to light after one whistle blower Albert Nyarugwe confirmed on Facebook that Wellence Mujuru alias Alex Zimbo alias Dionne Chasa defrauded followers of their money through the fake organization.

Nyarugwe posted on his official Facebook page, a detailed account of how Wellence Mujuru profited from the funds from the donations made to the fake organization.

It is also believed Wellence Mujuru who is related to former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s family, abused his surname to authenticate his shadowy organization on social media.

The latest expose by Albert Nyarugwe has put the final nail into the coffin of the social media fraudster-cum- pyscho Wellence Mujuru.

Albert Nyarugwe who was close to the Official Developments on the ongoing Wellence Mujuru/Rwisa Cancer saga, confirmed juicy details of how the fraudster lived off his influence on social media.

He wrote: “I am publishing this story to provide the latest information obtaining from official sources on the ongoing investigation.

  1. l can confirm from official records that Wellence Mujuru has only traveled out of the country ONCE, via the Beitbridge Boarder Post in 2016. He only has one single entry stamp in his passport, and this has been confirmed through the official registry.
  2. The United Nations has distanced itself from any claims by Wellence Mujuru that he works / has worked for the organization and they have refuted all such claims. The UN will be releasing an OFFICIAL STATEMENT to confirm this position, if they receive an official, legitimate media enquiry on an official letterhead. I’m pretty sure by now this media enquiry has been submitted to them and they are working on a response to be published this week.
  3. I can confirm that Wellence is the son of Mr Joel Mujuru, a contractor who works for ZESA (ZETDC in particular) in Chinhoyi and his official address is a White City, Chinhoyi address. Mr Joel Mujuru is cousins with the late National Hero Solomon Mujuru.
  4. Sources have disclosed that the Mujuru family is concerned with the abuse of the Mujuru name and they are considering releasing a public statement distancing the family name from any dubious conduct associated with Wellence using the Mujuru name.
  5. I have information from at least two victims of the Rwisa Cancer scam who have confirmed contributing to the Foundation. The first to confirm this is a certain Zimbabwean man based in the UK (name withheld); who, following the death of his mother through cancer, was moved by that experience to contact Wellence /Rwisa Cancer and contributed an amount of US$12000.

The funds were deposited into Wellence Mujuru’s personal Steward Bank account. Proof of Payment is available, but the man has decided not to pursue the matter publicly. The second victim is yet another man based in the UK who says he contributed an amount of US$1000 to the foundation.

The claim however has not been verified with a Proof of Payment.

  1. Information from the Deeds Office shows that there are no records of any Rwisa Cancer registration as a Trust/Foundation, and Wellence Mujuru’s name does not feature in any records on the Deeds Registry.

“The Zimbabwe media either continues to blatantly turn a blind eye to this story, or are at least oblivious to the gravity of the matter at hand. I’m not happy to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m driven by the desire to protect unsuspecting and weak individuals from being abused by cunning, devious and scheming men and women in the cyber space. We have a part to play, I’ve done mine.”

Even since Wellence Mujuru was unmasked in the past few weeks he has shied away from social media and did not openly apologized to his victims.




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