Strive Masiyiwa is Zimbabwe’s most generous billionaire who is known for his philanthropic and humanitarian work all over world.He recently donated clinical ventilators at Wilkins were Corona Virus patients are being monitored.

As much as he is a giver , Strive also makes sure his children get to spend their billions the way they please to celebrate life , enjoy life and to grow their ambitions and achieve dreams.

The Masiyiwa 6 children travel around the world for vacations and recreation.According to their social media they check in the most expensive hotels and they also host luxurious birthday parties.

They also invest in businesses around the world from education to telecommunications businesses.The only son Moses in theĀ  family invested in a fitness gym business and all are thriving.

The Masiyiwa children have also invested in the tourism sector and charity organisations jusf like their philanthropists parents Tsitsi and Strive.

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