Tatts has shared her sweet chats with her late boyfriend Scarah


tatts_zw Would have loved to come to see you today ..just to tell u i miss you and to tell u i love you and i need you 💔.. It wouldn’t have mattered its your birthday I’m sure it’d have been my day instead cuz me and you were a twin set💞… I’d kill to see you sitting in front of a drum set boo. I’d kill to hear your voice or see your smile … I’d kill to sit and listen to your day to day escapades or i want us to argue over who loves who more and i promise i will let you win if it means getting to sleep in your arms one more night💕 … if heaven allowed I would’ve loved to make a heartfelt call today 🗣️…. just one call to pour my heart out …one call to tell you of the pain and misery😭 … Lonely nights is a phrase that can’t even begin to describe the feeling I’m feeling without you by my side … nobody said it was easy but they all forgot to tell me it’s going to be this hard …7 January doesnt make sense no more 💔 Rest In Peace Scara 🙏❤️ Happy Birthday too#BringBackMyHeart😔💔


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