Below is Tatelicious strong advice to her son upon visiting his grandmother in Zimbabwe. The son was in South Africa with his mother.

This is what I told my son today when we had a video call.

Dear Tanya

Now you have visited my mother #Ashumba for the festive season.

Please never say anything bad about your mother Tecla because you will miss it in life when you loose maternal blessings.

Even if Ashumba provokes or talk ill about your mum,iwe just shut up and rega vakuru vataure vapedze shungu dzavo.

What I know for sure is my mother LOVES me soooooo much and automatically that love will be transferred to you gradually.

Ndapota usareve mai vako mwanangu.

Zvechipostori kuBudiriro 2 its a non starter, you will resume nemagemenzi ako when you go back kuSA and when you join me in Sweden.

Usaende kumaraini.

And above all, be prayerful.

Wakaipa wese anokurirwa mumweya.

I love you #Chikwaka

Sweet boy wadaddy ❤️


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