Moana’s father has revealed the sad details around his relationship with Moana and her mother.

In an interview with H Metro, he revealed how Moana’s mother left him for another man in South Africa. He says Moana’s mother left Moana with him and he took care of her from early childhood. He challenged Moana’s mother to name Moana’s early school teachers as proof of parenting. He further revealed that all the grandstanding from Moana’s family is for the sake of benefiting from funeral donations.

Moana’s father doesn’t want Moana to be buried in Highfield in an unfit way. He says if the body is taken without his consent, then the government of Zimbabwe would be one that has zero regard for Muslim people.

Moana’s father revealed how she left her Borrowdale Brooke husband whose identity he preferred to keep it anonymous. He recounts how he begged and knelt for her to stop following the worldly trends the last time he saw her.



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