It seems the battle of the Mbingas after Ginimbi’s death has been moved to Passion Java and the new participant Mambo Ndini.

Mambo Ndini, the founder and owner of 1202 Herbal splashed dollars to a number of Marondera residents hours before Passion Java passed through the same town to do the same.

After the video of Mambo Ndini had gone viral, Passion Java commented on Zimcelebs saying askana imiwe which expressed how sorry he felt for Mambo Ndini as he views him as a wannabe Mbinga.

Mambo Ndini did a live video explaining his case and addressing Passion Java.

He says he went to Marondera on a business trip but was inconvenienced by fans who had noticed him. In an effort to please his fans, Mambo Ndini says he gave $10 US each to almost 30 people and left.

3 hours later, he says he had received a call from his brother in Marondera telling him that people where comparing him to Passion Java saying he had threw only $50 US to people causing an unnecessary stampede.

This reply obviously marks round one of the battle of the Mbingas.

Mambo Ndini further described Passion Java as a manipulative personality which uses people for his own advantage.

Watch the videos below


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