To some Love Is Kind or Blind but to Man Tawa it is PAIN.The aspiring Man U footballer diagnoses himself with a heart problem and also loss of appetite after the love of his life Nokhu dumps him.

Nokhutula finally gets back to her former boyfriend Tendai who is a rugby star and comes to see her in his blue car unlike Man Tawa who does not have anything except his Ferguson dream to play soccer in Europe.

Mai Nokhu notices strange behaviour on her child and whilst telling her husband about it , Nokhu comes and before they talk to her comes Chipo then Man Tawa who does the unexpected.

Man Tawa confessesĀ  his love to Nokhu in front of her parent and apologizes for bad things he never did in their relationship to that she can take him back.

Wadiwa WepaMoyo is a College Central drama that is released every week at 10am on Wednesdays and has won many hearts of Zimbabweans across the world.

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