Friday, January 28, 2022

Chamisa announces new name

0 It's official Chamisa has changed his party name New patry name Citizen Coalition for Change

Khupe on suspension

In a press statement, Khupe has been set to address a Congress in Bulawayo. Hopewell had this to say : Puppets in Mwonzora’s camp are begging...

ZEC says first come first serve on the MDC name brand

ZEC speaks on MDC Alliance name row: First come, first serve. ‘If politicians want to stop a political party from using a party name...

New MDC Zimbabwe party emerge

With most political parties focusing on the forthcoming 2023 elections, a new party MDC Zimbabwe has emerged to contest as well.   Currently there is chaos...

Malema on Zimbabweans

Watch video below Malema has been at the forefront of advocating for a foreign policy which unites Africa promoting brotherhood and working together. Today the leader...

Maponga attacks MDC

Joshua Maponga was in South Africa for 29 years where he recently left to start a new life in Zimbabwe. He did not took time...

Killer Zivhu speaks

Honorable Killer Zivhu had this to say We have resolved to remain Zanu-pf members no matter what may come, We have also agreed to support...

Hopewell launches pasi na Mwonzora campaign

This is what he had to say Douglas Mwonzora is not only politically EVIL, he is heartless and shameless for hijacking a struggle for a...

Hopewell advises Chamisa

Hopewell had this to say Musaigwa varikuti siyanayi nenyaya yezita iyi. Raora zita iri, hamunga rwire chinhu chaora. It is better to use a new name now. If...

Chamisa barred from using MDC name

A statement by MDC T on the upcoming by elections suggest that the Alliance led by Chamisa cannot use the name MDC as it...


Mliswa refuses baby

Themba has responded to a lady claiming that she has her child. In a tweet he had this to say Ko, Mai MaTwins (?), @susan_mutami...

Lady kills self