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Option : Advice on how to deal with depression and hardships


Mental health continues to be a real issue in today’s world. Many take their own lives whilst others suffer in silence.

The global statistics seem to suggest that men are affected more than women because of their inability to share their emotions and lay plain everything they face in their daily lives.

Tweeter user Takudzwa wrote on his timeline last night :

This user is tired
Maybe lemme try someplace new, goodbye mother Earth

Moments later it has been confirmed that he took his own life as messages of condolences flood in.

This is a lesson to always prioritise checking up on others as they might be facing a lot of demons and they are not in a position to share it

Shadhaya had this to say :

Commiting is not a solution, rather it’s cowardice. It’s a coward’s way of failing to handle life’s problems. There’s really nothing unique about your problem(s), whatever it is, another man somewhere went through it & lived to tell the tale.

Any man who resorts to such is a loser, this is done by men who have a fixed mindset & instead of adapting to life’s challenges, they want life to adapt to them. Winners find ways to cope, adapt & improve their odds of winning the challenges of life.

When you’re a soft man, you expect the world to be soft too. Unfortunately the world isn’t soft for men. Women & children can afford to be soft but not men. Softness is a privilege for those who don’t have anyone to lead or dependant on them.

No matter how many times people try to change this reality, the reality will never go away. Listening to the feminist propaganda that men must be in touch with their feminine side & all that other bs, only disadvantages you as a men, cause life requires you to be tough as nails..

Accept this harsh reality, the world is a tough place & you need to be tough to survive. A man faces his problems head on, he who commits su!cide is a disgrsce. No matter how hard it is, no situation is permanent. Problems will always be there & they’ll pop out unexpectedly.

Solution is to get used to the pattern, view it as the way of life & not allow yourself to be carried away by the emotional pull of the moment. All the great men you see & read about, also had those thoughts at some point, but they didn’t give in.

Because they realised that, the real meaning of life lies in pain, betrayal, harship & shrewdness of life. You may lose some battles but never lose the war. Learn or perish!!!