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Serena William’s husband precious advice for Shadhaya


The American tennis legend, Alexis Ohanian, Serena Williams’ husband, is a staunch supporter of his wife both on and off the court. Despite being one of the best to play the sport of tennis, Serena still has her fair share of critics. And such critics also seep into the life of Ohanian, who often shares his support for the ‘Queen of the Court’ on social media. Recently, some critics found it difficult to digest his nice guy behavior and raise questions about his virtues. Yet, the co-founder of Reddit knew how to deal with naysayers who want to lecture him about masculine attributes.

The 39-year-old American entrepreneur never misses a chance to support his wife’s achievements, her records, success, or any of her life choices. The Reddit co-founder knows to stand his ground when it comes to defending the rights of women and keeps on finding new opportunities to help women

If you are an Ohanian fan, you definitely know that he knows how to give back to haters when they point fingers at him. And recently, a hater shared a picture of the couple in an attempt to body-shame them, pointing out who the man in their relationship is while sharing a sexist comment. Moreover, the hater strongly stated that the Reddit co-founder should work on his physique. Additionally, they made a negative remark that women should not be physically stronger than men.

And seeing that weird remark, Ohanian replied to the hater in his own way. He replied, “I wish you all the best, but this incel talk ain’t it,” while sharing the profile picture of the hater.