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A lesson for men from episode 2


The Al Jazeera documentary has unveiled a lot of things and there are also moral lessons to be drawn from it.

In a tweeter message Shadhaya wrote:

On a side note, let this be a lesson, never let a woman know your “other” sources of income & how much you make. For telling her, is just giving her arsenal she’ll use to take you down, if you’re to ever hurt her. Never confide in a woman about your dealings!!!

Full disclosure with a woman will always come back to haunt you. Not all things should be shared with a woman, no matter how sweet the.. or relationship is. Learn to just enjoy her & not opening your mouth recklessly.

Know this, the day you have a misunderstanding, argument, f!ght or break up, she’ll use everything you told her in confidence to destroy you. Women weaponize valuable secrets to gain advantage. Learn or perish!!!