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Pastor Siva Moodley’s family in huge debt


Just a couple of weeks ago, South Africans were left shaken after various reports revealed how the family of Gauteng pastor Siva Moodley refused to bury him after his wife allegedly had a dream that he would resurrect. The family waited for almost two years for the resurrection which never came.

And now the funeral home that was in charge of keeping the man’s body and doing the burial is demanding that R100k be paid for the services

According to reports, the family is now expecting to fork up the R100k to the Roodepoort-based funeral home.

In August 2021, pastor Siva Moodley died. Instead of a dignified send-off, his body was left at a funeral home for almost two years.

The pastor’s wife reportedly asked the Martin’s Funerals Roodepoort funeral home to keep her husband’s body because she had a dream that he would resurrect

The family waited and waited for the resurrection that never came and eventually this year decided to bury their loved one.