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Enzo Ishal diminished in primary elections


ZANU-PF held its primary elections on 25 March following the clearance of most of the aspiring candidates to participate in the internal polls.

Primary elections enable political parties to choose candidates who will represent them in national elections.

The country is set to hold harmonised elections this year.

Reports said Enzo Ishal contested in these elections for the Sunningdale seat.

A tweet by Tererai Sithole read:
So according to the list released by @ZANUPF_Official, Zimdanchehall artist Enzo Ishall whose real name is Kudzanai Mamhare is contesting in the party’s primary elections in Sunningdale. I stand to be corrected if its a case of similar name.
However, the coincidence is too loud!

In a recent post Hopewell Chin’ono posted:

Popular dancehall singer Enzo Ishall, real name Kudzanai Mamhare contested in the recent ZANUPF primary elections & got only 7 votes out of 1,385 in Sunningdale

I don’t understand why the young man chose to taint his name joining ZANUPF and being rejected by them too