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Zuva Habane disputes the US$15 K


Holy Ten’s roora seems to have brewed a lot of media narratives with the latest being the auntheticity of the amount paid.

Dandaro media wrote : CONGRATULATIONS : Holy Ten allegedly paid US$15K as Lobola for his long time Girlfriend Kimberly Chigubhu better known as Kimberly Richards in Bulawayo Today

Other media sources have reported that it was 19 000, this leaves out 2 unconfirmed sources

Kimberly, who gained notoriety with the song ‘Too Scared,’ hasn’t said anything on social media to confirm whether or not it’s true.

Zuva Habane who was very vocal in giving advice ha taken another dig suggesting that the actual amount paid cannot be verified as there is no reliable source. Dandaro confirmed this news but it is highly debatable as to whether the news could be true or dismissed as false