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Liverpool star delivers a powerful church sermon


With an outstanding career in the world of sports, Roberto Firmino continues shining everywhere, spreading the word of God by any means, including through his social media

Firmino, who is part of the Brazil national team and also of Liverpool FC, stands out for sharing the gospel everywhere, and recently gave a message to all his fans about how the power of God changes lives.

In 2021, Firmino and his wife, Larissa, were appointed and anointed to be evangelists, and it is the work that the footballer has done throughout this time within the Manah Church, at its headquarters in Manchester, England; during his message he reminded users how important it is to preach the message of salvation, that message that one day changed them

“Do you think that you have received a treasure that is salvation, the love of God? And how do you not want to share that with people? With your family?” The athlete wrote, referring to Romans 10:14-15.

He advised that to share this transforming message, that same message must already have changed the heart of those who preach it, which will successively bring a rebirth in the human being.

“All the servants of the Lord brought the revival of their lives to their people, but before they brought the revival of their lives, they experienced a personal revival,” he explained.

Then he stressed that when someone knows God and really believes in Him, they are no longer the same.

“It is impossible to have an encounter with God, a supernatural experience with God, and remain the same,” he said

Likewise, he said that this mission does not have favorites, since God counts on each one of the people who have received Christ as Savior, so that others may know His goodness and His love.

“Don’t think that revival is for specific people, don’t think that God will only call some, no! He’s counting on you!” he said.

“Who knows even that person with whom you were not so intimate, but whose testimony and behavior had such an impact on his life, that he gave himself to Jesus and you don’t even know,” he suggested.

Ending his message, Firmino urged the church to go the extra mile so that everyone can know God.

“Brothers and sisters, the Gospel goes far beyond clocking in at church every Sunday. There is more of the Lord. God does not need you, but he is counting on you to make together a beautiful story here on earth”.

At the beginning of his conversion to Christ, Roberto Firmino was greatly influenced by the faith of the player and teammate from Rio, Alisson Becker, who was present and helped baptize the player.