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I am walking dead says Rutendo Benson


The issue of loadshedding in South Africa continues to be one of the most critical problems as the problems deepen by each day.

Speaking to AfricaNewsroom Rutendo Benson pointed out that the root issue is how EKSOM is run by the people who installed the system of arphatheid

He further described that there has been a lot of externalization of profits from ESKOM to foreign companies hence it is nolonger able to sustain itself

This interview was however removed by Newsroom following pressure from other unidentified organisations and authorities to protect certain interests in the organisation

Many have also threatened him regarding the issue and he had this to say:

Many are saying: “they are going to kill you in SA”.

BUT actually, my fight against sanctions has angered financial interests in Zim, so I was advised to leave Zim as a hit was set in Sept.

#IamWalkingDead, could even be slow poisoned already, but I must complete my calling.