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Employer in trouble


Taking the law into one’s own hands is always a crime and the police has made it clear that they will not tolerate individuals who do such activities

A video has been circulating on social media of an employer who was beating his employees for allegedly stealing from his company.

In the video he handcuffed them and started to beat them as they lay helpless on the floor

Hopewell had this to say:

This is unacceptable!

This is what the culture of political violence has done, it has allowed those with power to use violence indiscriminately without real consequence!

Taking the law into one’s hands is a product of political violence!

When will this STOP?

Another human rights organisation shared :

Savagery, because the perpetrator is a bully & secondly because our society generally shies away from holding people, especially those in power to account. There will always be bullies from the playground, in corporate, church to politics. We have to say not on my watch!