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They invited us to the US just to add more sanctions, it’s disrespectful says Foreign Minister


By Aleck
President Mnangagwa was not able to attend the US-African summit which was held recently as he had other commitments , in his place he sent Minister Shava. The Summit was meant to tie relationships between Africa and The US and also to increase trade between the two.

The US however provoked the nation of Zimbabwe by taking this opportunity to review sanctions that are targeted at individuals and companies in Zimbabwe. The minister was not happy and responded to that action.

Honorable Shava wrote :

I am happy to have been in Washington D.C. to attend the USA-Africa Summit for the first time. Also glad for the opportunities, both political and economic, it has presented though we would have preferred our attendance to be at Head of State level.

We are extremely disappointed that the USA chose the occasion of the Summit to add new names on their sanctions list. Our position on sanctions is clear. They are irrelevant, outdated, and should be removed in their totality.

Despite that, our determination to re-engage is intact. We urge the USA to take the path of direct and constructive engagement, and we assure them that we are always ready to talk. As we always say, Zimbabwe desires to be a friend of all and an enemy to none.