Home Politics Trumpee underpants to redeem Trump’s hopes of presidency again

Trumpee underpants to redeem Trump’s hopes of presidency again


By Aleck Muzekenyi

Former US president Donald Trump has appeared for the first time in a very long time in public media discussing the upcoming elections. The president has not yet come to terms with the reality that he lost his previous elections and has engaged in drastic measures to keep his dream alive.

Speaking to various Journalists at his Trumpee underpants launch, the controversial figure shared remarks that he would want to diversify in his business investments in order to clearly show a picture of who he really is and not what the media portrays him to be.

He was asked about why he chose this line of business considering his controversial comments on women, in response to that Mr Trump remained adamant that he does not regret anything he has said before. He further narrated that he feels that women like him and he can take any woman from any part of the world.

Trump still believes that the elections against Biden were rigged and the media has been against him. These underpants are his hope to buy his way back to the office as they will earn will the hearts of women and ultimately their votes.