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Mliswa celebrates birthday in style


Themba Mliswa has chosen to celebrate his 50th birthday with his children in style. Mliswa who has over 15 children with different mothers remains one of Zimbabwe’s realistic men.

Many have trolled him for being open with this but he stays adamant that it is better to keep all your children than to raise children who do not know their father.

Others had this to say:

We are not respecting the fact that his pants are always down ladies , we respect the fact that after he pull his pants up he takes responsibility of his offsprings . Many of men would have disappeared and all these kids would be suffering at the hands of another man.

Others however said that:

Themba murwere uyu. A real man stays with his kids every day unless they are at school or he is at work. A real and responsible father instill or mentors, teaches, and corrects his children. Just inviting them for your birthday is just like father Christmas.