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Wadyajena gets his passport back


HARARE magistrate Stanford Mambanje yesterday temporarily released Gokwe-Nembudziya legislator, Justice Mayor Wadyajena’s passport, to allow him to travel to the United Kingdom this week.
Wadyajena, who appeared in court two weeks ago, surrendered his passport to the clerk of court as part of his bail conditions, in the matter he is accused of defrauding the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe, of about US$5 million

The brief circumstances are that the fourth accused (Wadyajena) has placed on record that his work requires him to travel extensively beyond the borders.

“He asked the court not to order him to surrender his travel documents to avoid applications such as this one.

“He is scheduled to travel to London and Germany for the purpose of attending a pre-arranged tobacco fair and the Zimbabwe Outward Trade Fair, which is being held in London from 3-10 September, and the World Tobacco Fair from the 14-18 of September.