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Olinda responds to Masibanda


Olinda has come to the defence of Tytan after Masibanda claimed that she is his ex.

She had this to say:

She has started . You are NOT his ex. Ita ma drugs mashoma. You have never MET my husband let alone be in the same country. Seek help for your hallucinations !

Others added by saying:

People should put some respect on Baba Nandi’s name did you even see him achipindura chero one munhu this is unfair chero wakandiona ndine 50c muhomwe ndikoko stop tarnishing people’s names

This came after Tytan’s ex Masibanda had spoken out on how she feels about the music star. In a live interview she expressed how she contributed to his rise.

She however refused to claim any ownership on him but wanted the world to know that she played a very big role in his life.

These comments come following Tytan’s recent marriage with Olinda. The 2 have had one of the most controversial love stories in Zimbabwe but are still going strong together