Home News Lisa Phiri shows sympathy to Harare Street kids

Lisa Phiri shows sympathy to Harare Street kids


Lisa Phiri has shared her experience with street boys in Harare after her visit to Zimbabwe. In her tweet she had this to say:

When I was back in Zim I used to go the streetkids at Copa Cabana, make them sandwiches, get some of them to bath, and have haircuts, give them my clothes and take them to church with me.

Despite these efforts some people have trued to put her down by saying the boys do not deserve any good thing as they put this on themselves :

They ran away from home because they didn’t wanna bath & you still followed after them to make them bath. Street kids are street kids. You can’t make them humans no matter how hard you try. They miss u for the food,that’s all they live for

However with the situation in Zimbabwe many young people do not those to be in these streets but circumstances push them.