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Zimbabwe needs Zanu Pf only says Mohadi


FORMER State vice president Kembo Mohadi has said multiple political were not necessary for Zimbabwe because Zanu PF has the capacity to fulfil people’s needs.

Mohadi, who left government in disgrace after a sex scandal, was addressing traditional leaders in Kwekwe on Wednesday.

Traditional leaders are supposed to be politically neutral, but this has not been the case as chiefs and headmen have been accused of supporting the ruling party.

“The reason why I have come here is because I have been sent to you by the President. In the army where I come from, if you are given an order by your command they don’t ask you to follow the command,” said Mohadi.

He (Mnangagwa) wants to see Zanu PF working with people every time for economic development. He wants to see leadership meeting with traditional leaders.

“He wants to see the country working together. In that regard, he saw it fit to give me a job of unifying people in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe needs a single party, it doesn’t need many parties and that party is Zanu PF,” he said.