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Another man kills himself


Another man has taken his life due to relationship issues.

Others had this to say about this :

This is the pain that you put women through when you cheat arume. Women end up vaane mabp, stroke, depression, stress and some even commit suicide. Vamwe vakadzi are just walking graves akatofa kare inside.

Stop cheating on each other. A womans revenge can cripple you or send you to the grave. Munotangirei musindo wamusingagoni kupedza. You cheat but cant take it when you are cheated on

Whilst others pleaded:

Suicide is not the answer. Someone is struggling in hospital battling for life whilst someone is busy wasting life. U am sorry to say this but its very selfish to take your own life. Chiiko chinenge chanyanyorwadza. We all have deep struggles that we fight each day and to some extent feel like commiting suicide but ukafunga kuti we live only once and problems always pass, haagari aripo unotopfeka face yedombo chaiyo.

Pls know Jesus, get close to Jesus and He will show you the way