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Shadhaya warns men


#ZCNEWS : The most stupid thing any sensible man on earth could ever do is invest in a woman, they are only loyal to their feelings & you will live to regret it says Shadhaya [SLIDE]

Shadhaya has a piece of advice to all men, in his message he had this to say:

Fellas; a woman isn’t an investment. Of all the things you can invest on – crypto, bonds, stock, real estate & you choose a woman? An investment on a woman has a 99.9% fail rate. It’s just like opening the bank for the robbers to come & loot

Most guys do this with the hope that they’ll secure her loyalty which is stupid. Women lack any form of character, only loyal to their feelings. Women view the world through emotional lenses. They use their emotions as a guiding system to navigate their behaviors.

Meaning if you aren’t the guy she has feelings for, all your efforts are in vain. Sure she’ll accept your money & gifts but she’ll never appreciate you. As soon as she gets an opportunity to be with a man who makes her feelings tingle, you’re 100% guaranteed she’ll BETRAY YOU.

And to add salt to the wound, she’ll justify her betrayal because of her feelings. All your investment on her down the drain. And the result 9/10 times – CRIMES OF PASSION – it ends in suic!de or murd3r. And we will use you as an example. Learn or perish!!!