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Happy birthday Mai Titi


It’s true I wasn’t talking to my husband because I asked him if he was coming for my birthday and he said they would not let him at work . I was so mad at him I started ignoring his calls .

Was really trying to be ok really wishing he could just come even for a day . Today Shungu one of our family friend landed from America and said tauya kubirthday I was more angry to think  if Shungu could fly why my husband can’t sacrifice not knowing these people have been sent
Fast forward….I then received a call from Rony saying I should rush to their Carsale, guese what this man did ?? He bought me a car

Tinashe Maphosa I don’t know what to say Chirasha WaMambo my King . Thank you .
Ndichirikunyara kukutsamwira kondozvamaironga WaMambo??? Thank you Baba 2 .

Shungu, Shuvay, Rony and everyone who kept this secret murivaroyi chokwadi.