Home Mzansi entertainment Mampho faces difficulties as new Mom and Naledi leaves town without warning.

Mampho faces difficulties as new Mom and Naledi leaves town without warning.


Tensions are raised at fashion empire House Of Zwide as the interns competition nears its end, Mampho experiences difficulties as a new mom and Naledi leaves town without warning. Faith gives Mampho advice on caring for baby Busi. Ona struggles to come to terms with Naledi’s departure and all the interns drift further apart as they attempt to outshine each other.

Isaac will ask Funani to rehire Ona at the House Of Zwide , Nkosi has a nightmare after seeing Isaac , his nightmare is about the dreaded night when his family home was set alight , and Mampho beats herself up for not being a perfect mother. Nkosi confides in Dorothy about his nightmares , on the other side Funani and Faith bond while babysitting Busi , lets hope this bond will last because something is about to blow apart.

Ona is thrilled to return to House Of Zwide , much to the other interns unease and unhappiness. Ona rushes to complete her design in time for Fashion Week , and Nkosi gets to the bottom of his nightmare. Mampho faces her fears and the interns put pride aside to help Ona while Nkosi’s search come to an end, and Funani and Lazi prepare for an important evening in their career. Nkosi conducts a DNA test behind Faith’s back to get to the truth abour baby Busi’s paternity, the interns are anxious on the first day of Jozi’s Fashion Week and Soka gets an outfit for an event. Funani showcases his designs at Fashion Week. Boom , Ona receives life changing news , and Nkosi fears that his actions have destroyed his family. Funani will go on a mission to discover the whole truth, and Isaac’s past haunts him , and Faith hides behind lies.