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Residents of Effiel Flats in Kadoma celebrate tape water after 25 years of using migodhi nezvibhorani


THE Eiffel flats community in Kadoma is now accessing piped water for the first time in 25 years following interventions.

For the past 25 years Eiffel flats has had to survive with poor reticulation and access to water which is a basic and key deliverable in urban settlements.

The situation has changed following the sinking of boreholes connected to the existing council water reticulation system to ensure the water flows into individual families’ homes with the support of Muzvezve legislator, Honourable Vangelis Haritatos.

Beneficiaries commended the development.

“We are grateful to our MP for coming to our rescue after decades without water. We used to fetch water from wells,” said beneficiaries.

The Muzvezve legislator, who is also the deputy Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Water Fisheries and Rural Development, honourable Haritatos said being a fundamental right and need, water knows no political allegiance and colour, hence everyone would benefit from the development.

“It does not matter which religion you follow, or your political affiliation, you will all benefit . However let’s vote wisely so that the line of authority is easy to follow from councillor to MP up to central government,” he said.

Most local authorities are battling to deliver proper services in line with their mandate, forcing individuals and the government to intervene