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She is a liar: Mzansi throws shade on LaConco for lying about owning a mansion and expensive cars


Mzansi has been waiting anxiously for the Real Housewives of Durban’s season 2 reunion last episode, and finally, the episode is here. So much drama happened in the episode, making Mzansi throw shades on LaConco.

During season 2 of RHOD, LaConco made headlines after she refused to show her fellow cast members her house. She would give silly excuses each time the girls would bring up the topic of going to her place. As it was enough, LaConco made a mockery of MaKhumalo’s house.

According to her, the house was too old fashioned and overcrowded. After LaConco’s insult of MaKhumalo’s house, ROHD cast members and Mzansi were curious to know where LaConco lives.

The girls gave LaConco so much pressure for her to show them where she lays her head every night. LaConco then invited Nonku and MaBusi to a beautiful mansion in Sandon, and she told them that she was the owner of the estate. Her fellow reality stars were impressed with her mansion; they congratulated her for purchasing such kind of a bit of heaven on earth.