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Ayanda refused bail


Mponda, who is accused of exposing minors to pornographic content, luring them to engage in sexual activity and smuggling adult toys, was remanded in custody.

The State successfully opposed bail on the basis that she had the capacity to abscond.

The court came to this conclusion after finding that she was on the run for a week after she learnt that police sought to arrest her.

She also tampered with evidence by pulling down her pages, where she was displaying the adult toys.

Further details have also emerged on the events leading to Mponda’s arrest.

According to a statement recorded from the mother of a 12-year-old girl, she went through her daughter’s WhatsApp messages and saw Mponda’s account displaying the adult toys, on her profile picture.

She allegedly then called Mponda, asking her if she ever sold the adult toys to the child.

Mponda, according to the mother, confirmed she had sold many toys to the 12-year-old, and they were delivered at their house, on several occasions.