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Zimbabweans speak on Zupco situation


According to Acting Zupco CEO we have about 1000 Zupco buses in service. The Government banned all private players. I would like to understand how a population of more than 15 million people can be serviced by 1000 ZUPCO busses.

Fadzayi Mahere had this to say about the issue

When will the regime admit there’s a transport crisis? The ZUPCO monopoly has failed. People get arrested for carpooling. There’s no rail transport to speak of. They’ve failed to run a reliable public transport system. The incompetence is shocking.

We need new leaders.

Others have supported this notion citing that :

True, these guys have failed. Chandinonyanya kufarira kuti vanhu vekuEpworth vakavhotera zanu vapiwa chingwa nemadrink vari kupfidza, kuepworth dai zvaita ×3 vakanyanya kurara, nekacholera daikavashanyira ikoko futi. Apa matitle deeds haana kubuda futi.

And we supposed to be the most literate nation on the continent. With such nonsense we are seeing in governance, we must have been busy with ECD material in the special class. Why then are other ostensibly less literate African nations running their affairs much better than us?