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Golden state makes it 3 wins


The Golden State Warriors have made it 3 wins in 3 games after they beat the Denver Nuggets tonight on the road trip game.

The score leaders for the Warriors are as follows :


Jordan – 27p/3r/3a/1s/1b
Stephen – 27p/3r/6a
Klay – 26p/1r/1a/2b
Gary – 11p/3r
Andrew – 9p/6r/1a/1s
Draymond – 6p/5r/10a/2s/1b
Otto – 6p/3r/3a/2s
Andre – 4p/4r/3a/1b
Beli – 2p/1r/2a/1b
Kevon – 1r

Game 4 will be played on Sunday in Denver