Home Entertainment Mai Titi uses her cake to motivate people

Mai Titi uses her cake to motivate people


Why my cake was upside down?

When I had a meeting with the Cake Gurus I told them I don’t want just an ordinary cake but I want to tell a story out of that cake.

The Cake itself is a mixture of a lot of different ingredients, Fruits , Sugar , Salt , Alchol , Flour etc meaning life can be sweet as the sugar in the cake , it can be salty and sour too. It can seem as it’s not going anywhere , it’s just circulating at one place just like when you take alcohol you don’t really know what you are doing but still you are going through it all .

I personally went through the highs and lows of life and strugggled my way through but still I kept going .

The cake was hanging in the air but did not fall thts exactly how life is , You can pass through the worst but keep hanging on strong 💪 do not give up on your faith , hope and dreams. People will talk about you and say oh that’s the end of you but keep hanging on strong 💪 They will rule you out but keep hanging on strong .

One day you shall look at your upside down life and say . I Came , I Saw , I Conquered.