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Men dressed as women at Makhadzi show


According to H Metro, there were men at Makhadzi’s show who were dressed as women.

The reality, though, was that they were men.

One of them was even spotted leaving a toilet reserved for women.

They were part of the crowd at the Makhadzi musical show at Alexandra Sports Club on Saturday.

They say it’s called cross-dressing and one of the people, who was part of the crowd which attended the show, told H-Metro it was becoming common at such events.
However, he said it was something which he was not in favour of.

“Cross-dressers are a threat to women’s dignity and a threat to their privacy considering that they also visit female ablution facilities,” he said, preferring not to be identified.

We cannot violate their rights to dress the way they want but for some of them, to even use the toilets reserved for us is a bit unfair.”

Among the men, who were dressed like women at the show, was one identified only as Yamikani.

He told H-Metro his lawyer was the best person to talk to in terms of getting his comment.