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President Mnangagwa buys Mudiwas book


Mudiwahood has shared an awesome experience of his book shut up and make money. In a social media post he had this to say:

I wanted to keep quiet about this but Ndakurirwa nemufaro guys.

Politics Aside… I am so humbled guys whenever i hear HE the President of Zimbabwe say Make Money… Here is how it started…

Few months ago I got a phone call by the Highest office in this land. They requested for 4 books of SHUT UP AND MAKE MONEY.

After few days, His Excellency said to me, He read the book twice and Mama( first lady) is finishing hers. Surprisingly He said he keeps one in his office, on his office desk and one on his bedside table in his master bedroom. Now this is ULTIMATE INFLUENCE, am humbled your EXCELLENCY!

I am just a simple boy from Chitungwiza amana, a boy who grew up in a very humble family, pasina kana maUS… I often laugh at people who say Mudiwa grew up rich, its a big lie, and not even one relative or friend can claim they helped me to be where i am…NdiMwari… ofcourse some would help with advice etc and inspire but it is my poor parents who gave me more motivation to be here. My dad was a bus driver and my mom was a vendor. I am NOT a privileged child, there is nothing i have that was ever given to me free of charge, I worked for everything I have.

To have the whole Office of the President of this Land and His Excellency personally appreciating my work, aiwa kuna Mwari Kudenga.

It’s so humbling, & uplifting at the same time that His Excellency the President of Zimbabwe Cde ED Mnangagwa ,bought 4 copies of my book Shut UP and MAKE MONEY and Personally confirmed HE read it twice.

Every time I listen to him when he speaks to the Youths,He quotes my book and emphasizes on the part MAKE MONEY!

Your Excellency am humbled and thank you.

Mudiwa Hood
Inspiring Greatness