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DJ Sbu Denies Circulating Bedroom Tape


Following a s_ex tape currently making rounds on social media, Dj Sbu, real name Sibusiso Leope has threatened to sue a Twitter user for defaming him.

This comes after a  Twitter user who goes by the handle @tay_zen1th shared an explicit tape that features a male and a female, with the caption “DJ Sbu.”

The quality of the video is poor and it appears it was a case of mistaken identity.

Some fans started to believe that it is DJ Sbu and this has ruffled him.

The music producer took to his Twitter account and made it clear that it is not him on the video and threatened to sue the Twitter user.

Below are some of the comments on Tweeter:

Meanwhile, it was reported that Dj Sbu was spotted in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe for the Hustlers Summit.

Business guru Dj Sbu was a guest speaker at the summit while local female rapper Awa Khiwe, Arthur Evans, Nkosana George Mazibisa, Farai Gundani were the main speakers at the symposium.

DJ Sbu recently attracted mixed reactions from his followers after he took to TikTok encouraging them to connect with nature and their “third eye”.

“Your pineal gland gives you your intelligence. Once you start awakening that third eye, that’s when your life starts changing. That’s when you start maturing because it means you are in tune and one with nature.”