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Luanda joins unene


I guess some things take a while to sink in. Also, reflecting back on the journey that you have walked and the rejection you have faced to get to this point makes it almost surreal. It was around 2012 when I first walked through the streets of Braamfontein, Johannesburg, in the dark passages of the tall, somewhat dilapitated buildings, with my friend Lollipop (Simphiwe), looking for a studio to record a demo for Umhlobo Wenene. I ONLY did one demo and it was in isiXhosa, with my links specifically referring to Umhlobo. I paid a small fortune considering my circumstances at the time. With pride in my soul and prayer in my heart, I submitted and waited… CWAKA!

2015 I got over being ignored and started the journey again. This time I contacted a fellow Butterkid and friend, Miso Tini, who I knew had a studio and he was so eager to help, he hooked me up immediately with Smallz and in a few days I was at his house recording once again, a Xhosa demo for Umhlobo Wenene. This one, I was convinced, sounded great! It even got the stamp of approval from my mentor Putco Mafani. He said I was a natural. I sent it with so much excitement, already visualising myself with the who’s who of radio. I could see it. That’s the thing about me and how I dream. I dream in colour ❤️💚💛🖤💜💙. As a cherry on top, shortly after submitting I actually got a call from the then boss, who didn’t know me from a bar of soap, singing my praises as he asked “Hee mntan’ ndini! Wawufundela phi ukusasaza? Uyaphosisa soze ube uyaqala! Uphi ngoku? Yho Yho Yho unetalente maan Sisi!” Hayi ke I was ready to resign from my work. A year passed… CWAKA!!!

The next year 2016, I got Scandal and my TV work started to flourish, so I stopped trying for a while. In 2017, I was back fighting for it, almost angry by now thinking “hayi bo! Khona sekwathiwa esimnyama wara wara…!” I started calling, sending e-mails, nagging. CWAKA! Madness is doing the exact same thing and hoping for different results. I realised I had to change tact.

I drafted an e-mail to Thobeka Buswana at TruFM, who I didn’t know. She saw “IT” (the flame 🔥 in me) immediately. TruFM didn’t waste time. In two months I had a Sunday show, being mentored by Masi Mdingane, who told me from the beginning that radio was in me, I just needed to learn the technicalities. He literally held my hand in teaching me those, in molding me, toning me down when necessary (because I can be a lot!). He literally encouraged my very strong personality, but helped me trim the edges that made me overpowering. 22 months later, I left. No one saw it coming, not even my bosses. I simply woke up one day and decided I had learnt what I needed and was ready to go bigger. As I always say, I never hang around longer than I need to. When my job is done, I leave.

Back to the drawing board. 2019 my e-mails and calls to UWFM started again. Different leaders in the programming section, same me 🤣. I continued throughout 2019 and 2020, then I think my heart just couldn’t take anymore. I decided to focus on my TV career, which was flourishing and fulfilling. The rejection made me angry and bitter towards that dream. I stopped.

Little did I know that because I had planted the seeds for a full 10 years, the universe never stopped working. It was when I least expected it that the door opened, that I got the call. I will not get into it, but the call offered me much more than I could ever dream of. These people clearly ‘saw me’ and I plan to prove them right.

In the end, we agreed on the Saturday morning breakfast show, VUKA MZANTSI! on UMhlobo Wenene FM 88 – 106 which I will be doing with Spitch Nzawumbi. Oh what a blast! This thing actually worked out for the best!!! I am sooo excited! I am sooo grateful! I am so in awe! 😳

Thank you to all of you for the congratulatory messages and for believing in me. Your support gives me wings and for you, I will do this and I will do it well.