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“I Can Give You Two Babies,” Former ZBC News Reporter Lee Ann Bernard Shoots Her Shot At Hopewell Chin’ono


Former ZBC News reporter Lee Ann Bernard today decided to shoot her shot at Hopewell Chin’ono.

Seeing the investigative journalist is celebrating his 51st birthday today, Lee Ann who lowkey seems smitten by Daddy Hope decided to wish him a happy birthday and also offered to have two babies with him for free.

Apparently, this is not the first time Lee Ann has made such an offer to Hopewell. Yesterday as netizens were discussing about the by-elections. A Twitter user only identified as Obazzy Mussah Mangoma said that if Douglas Mwonzwora wins 1 member of parliament seat and  1 Councillor seat, he will freely volunteer to go and stay in Ukraine forever.

Responding to Mangoma’s comment, Lee Ann said that if Mwonzora wins she will marry Hopewell and give him 2 kids.

Recently, Lee Ann Bernard made headlines after she accused her former lover, Lincoln “Mhofu” Benyure of using her “genuine love” for him to exploit her for his own selfish ends. She revealed that Mhofu used her to get a passport.

“….It’s not by choice, it’s who I am, and Mhofu thought he destroyed my heart into pieces, but I had genuine love for him.

“All he wanted was a passport, and I got him one, the next thing he left.

“I fell victim, obviously, to somebody who had his own ulterior motives but I genuinely loved him.

“My choice of moving on was not based on the public saying, we told you so, he is going back to his baby mama.”