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Seh Calaz offers Moira 50US


Zimdancehall singer Seh Calaz has offered his ex-wife Moira Knight USD$50 per month in maintenance for their son in response to her claim for US$2000, arguing he has five other minor children aged 10, 8, 4, 3 and one to look after.

Moira’s demands include US$300 in rentals, electricity (US$120), Gas (US$45), Maid (US$100), Clothes (US$110) and Transport (US$100). She also wants US$2 450 as a once-off payment to cover her share of their matrimonial property and medical fees.
Through his lawyers, Seh Calaz has however said his being a public figure amounted to nothing financially.

“Moira has made imaginary submissions about Seh Calaz’s income.

“The submissions are premised under a mistaken view that, as a celebrity, he is earning a fortune, which is far from being the case,” said Seh Calaz’s lawyer.
Calaz said he earns approximately US$320 a month, broken down into rent US$80, food US$40, transport US$30, electricity US$15, maintenance for other five children US$115 and US$30 for career development costs