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Zuva speaks on Tatelicious


With everyone sympathizing with Tatelicious, Tate Zuva has a different opinion towards this and she had this to say :

Kana usina kumboitigwa live na Tate you will never understand how it feels, people have lost jobs, marriages broken, families disturbed , some became ill with emotions kusvika pakuda kuzviuraya ma followers don’t care because hazvisikuitika kwavari.
If you have to gather 12k people uchibvarura marriage yemunhu call it whatever you want but this is modern day witchcraft. this is nothing more than a taste of his own medicine.

I watched him tell lies about my life infront of 5000 people, he knew nothing yet he gathered people achinyepa zvake vanhu vakafara vachifadzwa nenhema. Nanhasi people laugh at me over total fabrications dzehomwe yenyu iyi.

To be honest im just watching and saying God is trying to show him something let’s not intervene.
Most of yall are just being hypocrites, tokuzivayi people are loyal to their entertainment.

For those taking offense or thinking tiri kuseka hanzi God didn’t do this etc.
God didn’t do this. Tate did this.
God is energy… The universe gives you back the same energy you put out simple.

Keep in mind it’s only natural that your human instincts will feel for another person panguva yakadayi. That is the human side of you semunhu kwaye but pafeya misodzi ye vamwe haiwiri pasi Mahara, one day we all have to pay for our sins. Let the law of Karma do its job.

Our job right now is to learn something about energy
Our job is to wish him well
But ndirikuona ma hypocrites pano. Zviomile