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Twins Owami and Olwethu are divorced, looking for a new brave man and living as ‘two bodies with one soul’


They could not be more different, yet the same. Olwethu is more introverted and reserved while the older twin Owami is bubbly and playful. It is difficult to tell them apart, even by their voices. It was like playing a game show on TV where one has to yell out their name before answering a question.

The twins speak to Drum ahead of the premiere of their new reality show on Mzansi Magic, Twice As Bold.

They first made headlines in 2011 when they married the same man at the tender age of 21 while he was in his forties. They say it was an arranged marriage and Owani says they should not have married such an old man.

“We really had issues. We had abandonment issues, we had daddy issues, we wanted to escape poverty and here he was, showing us what a wonderful life he could provide for us. He took us to restaurants, something we had never experienced before,” she says.

They were raised by their grandmother and grew up yearning for the love of their mother, which they never got.

Years later, they married a man they met on the Muvhango set. They had been looking to break into the entertainment industry and the man they ultimately married was someone who was their mentor.