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Shadhaya shares with men


Monday sermon from Shadhaya :

Never SLEEP WITH ANOTHER MAN’S WIFE, no matter the circumstances, this is suicide, ain’t not different from poking your dck in a hornet nest. There’s nothing manly about it, it’s pure stupidity. Stay off any hole whose stamp duty (lobola) has been partly or fully paid for.

No matter how beautiful she is. No matter how lose she may be. No matter how dead their marriage supposedly is (whether separated or going through divorce). No matter how sexually frustrated she is, it’s non of your business. Stay off.

Women are not good people. Of cause she’ll talk shit about her husband just to get her way, don’t be a snitch & get to throw your fellow man under the bus just for some pussy. A rat is what you’re, for sitting & conniving in cahoots with a woman on betraying your fellow man.

You will be k!lled & no one will even shed any tears for such a lustful man. In the old days, such men caught fornicating with other people’s wives would either be castrated or beheaded. There’s nothing that makes a man lose his marbles than another man f*cking his woman.

Never BUILD A WOMAN, even if that seems noble, it’s stupidity of the highest order. You’re not her father, that’s his role not yours. Going against this advice, we shall use you as an example a few years down the line. You’ll regret ever investing in a woman.

Build a woman & she’ll run away from you, build yourself & she’ll admire you. Women know no gratitude, they’re loyal to their hypergamous nature, either you’re above her or below her, no in-between. That means she’ll dump your naive self after all those sacrifices.

You’ll be yesterday’s news as she’s now on the radar of “better” men than you. And it is at that moment, that you’ll cry a river, boil like an old woman’s kettle & drown in depression or worse – commiting suicide or killing the woman or both.

Never CHOOSE A WOMAN OVER YOUR PURPOSE, it should actually have been said 1st, because that’s the most important. A man who is foolish enough to chase a woman over his purpose will watch that very same woman chasing a man who chose his purpose.

A woman should be nothing more than pleasure not purpose, you don’t navigate your world around her. Never give a woman more than you give yourself. The more resources (time, money & energy) you dedicate to a woman, the less you have to dedicate to your purpose.