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Zengeza candidate causes havoc


Zengeza candidate has rocked the Internet after one post emerged

My tweet has 3 words and none of them tell the kind of story you are now giving here,if you ask me l will tell you it is a good thing that a young woman of the current generation in ZANU PF for that matter has successfully been accepted to stand as Councillor. No shaming here.

Others had this to say

Bro, as much as you try to double down you knew what were on about by posting the 2nd picture. The campaign poster alone was enough. Anyway this isn’t new, they tried same in 2018, that Josey girl & a few others, but these slays never get the same chances in rural areas why?

Twunharo utwu ndetweku support Zanu here. Guys I fail to comprehend anyone ano support Zanu especially young people unless you’re a direct beneficiary and you care less about anything or anyone else
otherwise haiwa haiwa haiwa chiiiiii vakomana