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Somizi speaks on Khanyi and Zola


Somizi has done an 8 minute long instagram video touching on the trending issues this week. He labelled the video THE BATHROOM TALK which is usually a short video which can be educative, motivational or encouraging drawing inspiration from real life events.

Somizi cheered Khanyi Mbau for nailing the sex scene on the Showmax film THE WIFE . He praised Khanyi citing that the scene was proof that Khanyi had grown in the art as an actor and had put the doubts people had to rest.

Somizi also castigated the hypocrisy of Africans as they enjoy Hollywood movies which are saturated with sex scenes but disgusted by locally home done sex scenes. He praised Showmax for taking entertainment to another level and showing the world that Africans can do it. He also dismissed the notion to describe the scene as pornography but merely described it as a sex scene.

Concerning Mamkhize being dragged by Mzansi accusing her of her helping Zola for clout, Somizi said no one can ever win for South Africans. He said whether you help or not, South Africans will always have something negative to say.

Somizi says the call to help Zola was done publicly, and he sees no fault in Mamkhize heeding to the call publicly. The end result is Zola was helped period

Somizi is a long time close friend of Mamkhize

Somizi closed the note giving a pinch of friendly advice to Zola. He told him that real change starts with him as a person. He re affirmed his belief in how talented and how he had everything in him to get back to his feet but he must be willing to take the necessary steps needed for that