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Zola finally speaks


I see I’m trending. For the past few days I’ve been reading what people are posting about me and I must say, I appreciate the love you guys are showing me.

So many people are giving me my flowers while I can still smell them. When I was helping people, I truly wasn’t expecting anything in return, that’s just the nature of uBonginkosi.

Seeing so many of you uniting in my name is really heart warming and brought actual tears to my eyes.

I also see the negative tweets… Oh well, you can’t please everyone vele mawumuntu. You can do a million things right and make 1 mistake and they’ll remember you for your mistake.

Above all that was said about me in the media over the years, you guys have managed to still be on my side. So the media failed to turn you against me, you stubborn supporters

Ngalokhu ngithanda ukuthi ngiyabonga kini nonke enibumbene ngegama lami. Together we have created something that can never be undone. #GuluvaOrder

You guys flooded the Twitter streets with messages of hope, concern and gratitude. Ngizolulama bafwethu… I still owe the country one more offering. Ngiyabonga ngothando lwenu. #namanje