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Orasi predicted the death of DJ Dimplez


Prophet Melantic Orasi is one of the most accurate prophets in Southern Africa who has said words which have never fallen to the ground without results. He has over and over time warned individuals and nations over pending predicaments but has been in reception of deaf ears almost all the time.

Recently, he gave an accurate Prophetic warning towards Shona Ferguson life who later died in a hospital. He gave another Prophetic warning to Ricky Rick who later committed suicide. As always, Prophet Orasi asks people to pray for the person in question.

Dj Dimples is one of the victims of his own arrogance since he was given the Prophetic warning by Prophet Orasi and casually replied with an emoji

Shocking enough Prophet Orasi predicted the exact cause of death.

Should we now start paying attention to what Prophet Orasi says since everythinv is coming to pass ?