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Shadhaya bashes Ruvheneko


Ruvheneko has shared photos of her pregnancy and many congratulated her, well Shadhaya had this to say:

There’s really nothing to celebrate about Rue’s pregnancy, nothing is inspirational about being a single mom. Already society is burdened with the problems of single moms & we’re supposed to celebrate that, all because she made a cute little video on YouTube…

Let us not pretend as if she’s some widowed woman who ended up a single mom, this is a woman who was divorced on allegations of an affair, so let’s not act like she’s this sweet angel. For someone of her stature in the public sphere, she’s been a bad role model.

From justifying her soft life courtesy of her family name, to being chased out of marriage due to allegations of infidelity now this fatherless child. The world already has enough kids without fathers & we all can see how problematic these kids are to society at large…