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Ricky’s raised the kids just as his own


Rick was laid to rest on Tuesday following a week of mourning. During the funeral proceedings, Mzansi was surprised to hear what seemed to be Riky Rick’s daughter was not his. Fans were left for no words as they realised how big Boss Zonke’s heart was as he treated Jordan like his biological daughter.

The news that Jordan is not Riky’s biological son was revealed by her wife Bianca during her speech in the chapel.

“Today, I’m here to pay tribute to my partner and my soul mate. When I think of nine years together, here are some of the things I’m most grateful for,” Bianca opened her statement.

Bianca labelled Riky a selfless person who accommodated s child who wasn’t his. “He was an amazing father to Jordan, and they had the most incredible bond from day one. She brought selflessness to his life,” she said tearfully.