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Ricky mother’s final speech


“I want you to go and meet your freedom” – Riky Rick’s mother’s final words to her son, Riky Rick’s mother has been laid to rest today and his family and friends gathered for an intimate service.

Riky died last Wednesday after taking his own life and the news brought shock to so many.

The rapper’s family and friends took turns to thank him for his impact on their lives.

His mother Louisa Zondo and his wife’s father, Mr. Naidoo, spoke of the light, love, and kindness Riky embodied in their lives.

They thanked him for allowing them to love him.

“The main thing I want to thank you for was for allowing me to call you son and hear you call me pops when you did,” Mr Naidoo said.

Ricky’s mother said she wished her son found the peace he was longing for.